Metro Technology Centers -
Law Enforcement Training Center

Oklahoma City, OK

Located adjacent to the Public Safety Academy, the Law Enforcement Training Center is a dedicated 14,200 SF facility designed for comprehensive gun safety education and practical training.

Key features include:
• Gun Range Facility equipped with twelve lanes spanning fifty yards, offering a safe and controlled environment for firearms practice.
• Adjacent to the range is a Classroom designed to provide informative sessions on firearm laws, safety protocols, and practical techniques.
• The facility includes an Office for administrative purposes and coordination of training programs.
• Ample Storage space is available to securely house equipment and supplies.
• A designated Gun Cleaning Area ensures proper maintenance and upkeep of firearms.
• Restrooms are conveniently located within the facility for comfort and accessibility.
• Additionally, a new Parking Area is situated adjacent to the facility for convenient access.

Participants in the program have the opportunity to:
• Qualify for the CLEET armed security guard license, enabling career advancement in security-related fields.
• Gain comprehensive knowledge of Oklahoma’s laws concerning firearms, including possession, transport, and the legal use of deadly force.
• Learn essential techniques in handcuffing and arrest procedures, enhancing preparedness and expertise in handling security situations.